I practice volleyball on Wednesdays and Fridays. On Wednesdays there are a lot of girls from 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th grade and one girl from 1st of ESO. On Fridays all of the girls are older than me. My coachs name is Mikel, but on Friday Cristina also comes . My team consists of Berta, Lucia and her twin, Rosa, Marta, four girls of 6th grade and me. I like volleyball because it's a team sport and because it's great. Last year in our category we were the oldest and we were first but because of the coronavirus the league was cancelled. But this year I'm not sure if we will be first again. 

 Irene 5B

In my free time, one of the things I like to do, is drawing and doing crafts such as notes and lettering...
I usually do it in the late evening because, I am tired but at the same time, with inspiration. When I do these, I feel good and very inspired to do it.
I usually stay with most of the things, except when I do something specific for someone. I put the most significant things on my desk, this way, I always remember that moment or person...
This helps me release my ideas and relax.

Martina 5B

Whenever I have free time I like studying chemistry . It is my favourite subject and I find it quite interesting . Since we still don't have chemistry at school yet,  I study at home alone with some chemistry books and my microscope . Apart from studying chemistry theories I sometimes do experiments. I think that doing chemistry experiments is enormously entertaining so I have a lot of fun doing them. Some people think chemistry is boring . Before I did too. But when my father started studying physics I found out about chemistry and I bought some books. Once I understood the basics it was very  fun . If I can, in the future I will go to MIT university and study there.Then maybe I will become a chemistry professor.


My weekend


On Friday afternoon I went to play football with my brother´s friends, later I went to my house and I played video games with my friends.

On Saturday morning I woke up and I had breakfast, then I got dressed in my triathlon clothes and I went to ride a bike. Later I had lunch and I took a nap. In the afternoon, I went walking with my dad, mum and my puppy Nala. Then my grand parents came to my house to watch Real Madrid against Valladolid. And in evening we watched a film called Greenland.

On Saturday morning I had breakfast and I studied all morning. In the afternoon I saw a film and in evening I went to bed.

Oliver 5B


Last Tuesday I went  cello classes.
I was there for one hour. I learned more or less two new scores.
First I read them, then I played them with the cello in pizzicate (using my fingers), and after that, I played them with the bow.
Finally,I went home and I did the rest of the homework from school.
Paloma 5B


Where does he live?

He lives in a hamster cage where he has many toys to play with when he's bored. He also has a lot of funny little houses in the cage.

What type of food does he eat?

My hamster loves eating, he has lots of types of food. My hamster loves eating vegetables and fruit. He also likes to eat all types of flowers.

What tricks can my hamster do?

My hamster is very funny because he can do all types of tricks. He can play woth a little ball and he is also very good at playing in special escape rooms designed for hamsters.

Ignacio Charle 6C